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We have put together a helpful FAQ list to that may answer some of your questions.

Feel free to contact us via email if you have any other questions or concerns.

Below you will also find information for upcoming exhibitions.

What is the fee?

Application fee: Free

Exhibition fee: $100 to enter 3 pieces into the exhibition.

What does the fee include?

  • Your work will be displayed opening night of the exhibition.

  • It will remain up through the weekday for "Gallery Hours" of 12pm - 6pm 

  • Your pieces will remain up during after hour events Art & Coffee & Wine Down

  • Speaking opportunity during closing night/ wine down. 

  • You will receive 2 free passes to all exhibition events

  • You will be posted to our website and social with bio & direct links that will stay up for 1 year

  • Your title card will include QR codes for guest to scan

  • Professional photo of you with your work


Where does my fee go?

  • Staff

       We will have 1-2 staff attendants to monitor and assist with questions from guests during gallery hours.  

  • Opening Reception

  • After Hour events. We have added 2 events during the week.                            

  • Gallery/ Event marketing 

       Our marketing is done via fb & IG ads. We market each artist as well as opening reception event and the exhibition dates

How long will my work be displayed ?

Opening night event  - the following Friday.

Usually a Sunday - Friday night

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday | 12pm - 6pm

Will a percentage be taken from sales?
We do not take a percentage of sales nor handle any financial transactions however we can assist with the coordination of pick up for sold items.

What happens if a piece sells?

The buyer can pick up once the exhibition is over.  (We will mark piece as sold) 

How many artists will be accepted?

We are only accepting 10 artists each month

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Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon. If you don't see a response within 48hrs please check your spam.

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