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Art Gallery


February 19th - February 24th

Opening Reception: Feb 19th | 2PM - 6PM

Gallery Hours: Feb 20th - Feb 24th | 12PM - 5PM

1919 N MAIN ST. HOUSTON, TX 77019



John is a Houston based self-taught artist, focusing on the digital arts mainly using Procreate as a Medium. His work focuses on all ranges of work such as Pop Art, Music, Sports, Film and more recently, focusing on black culture from his perspective. He has been drawing since childhood often getting in trouble drawing in class, but as of 2014 he decided to take his passion seriously and is working his way to one day having his own gallery space as a bridge between traditional and digital artist. The name Clutch was given from friends early on in his career but more recently the name has taken a new meaning of always changing gears as his body work doesn't focus on just one subject.


Kendrick Rudolph, is the creator of Highly Favored Art. As a self taught artist, his mind is most clear when he has a paintbrush in hand. Over the last 8 years Kendrick has grown from a Business College grad who needed to decorate my his own walls, to now commissioning art for friends and art supporters across the country.  Kendrick hopes to continue expanding his creative mediums, and inspiring others to do what they love.



I’m a film photographer from Texas. I love using the  film medium to capture real moments in time that involved physical emotion. 

​Quentin Cleaves places his roots in Memphis, TN but has made Houston his home for the past six years. Quentin is an artist and graphic designer among his greater roles as a minister, husband and father. He truly attributes his skillset as a gift from God. He has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. He explores all mediums, genres, and aesthetics. He chooses not to limit his abilities and challenges himself to learn new techniques and delve into all forms of art. He has been commissioned for art pieces that expands from home décor to commemorative portraits to inspirational movements such as “BLM”. As an entrepreneur, he owns and operates “Elev8 Print and Design” which offers graphics and print mediums in addition to owning his own Christian apparel line in which he is the creator and printer of his own designs. He has also shared his gift with youth as an art educator for the past 17 years. Quentin believes there is no limit to what you can do and create with Jesus being the greatest influence in your life.--





Stephanie Malone, artistically known as Malone, is a self taught artist from Louisiana with a passion for painting.Utilizing moss and acrylic paint to seamlessly merge nature and art to showcase black beauty with an ethereal twist. 




Daniel has been creating custom etched glass and mirror for years now but has been drawing since he was a kid. Glass etching is corroding glass with pictures that he draws, into a permanent frost on mirrors and glass cups. The frost cannot be removed, and he can etch any image imaginable from faces to logos. 


I’m a Houston based mixed media artist who has a passion for creating. 



I am an Israelite artist specializing in biblical art, black art, and textured sceneries.

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